BBB 24: Without knowing about the end of his marriage, Lucas apologizes to his wife


After flirting with Pitel, Lucas seems fearful about his marriage on BBB 24. Without knowing that his now ex-wife, Camila Moura, has been running cancellation campaigns on social media, tearing up photos and putting an end to the marriage, the capoeirista apologized .

“Camila, forgive me for making shady alliances,” he said. Afterwards, he confessed to her, said that he missed her and that he missed sleeping next to her.

Outside the confinement, the now ex-wife has been making videos against her brother. Even a place to join Conversa com o Eliminado, she asked Boninho with the intention of unmasking Buda live.

After Lucas flirted with Pitel at the party on Friday (1st), Camila deleted the couple’s photos from social media, hinted at the end of her marriage and quickly surpassed — by a lot — her husband’s number of followers on Instagram.

At 9pm this Sunday (3), Camila had one million followers. For comparison, at the same time, Lucas, known as Buddha, had 132 thousand.

She also changed her entire Instagram profile, indicating that the marriage has come to an end. She deleted photos with Lucas, packed her husband’s bags, tore up photographs of the couple and said she would vote for Davi, the participant she is now rooting for.

Source: Folha

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