The famous Australian singer Kylie Minogue was honored with the Global Icon award at the BRIT Awards on Saturday and she celebrated with a classic Australian custom, shoey.

In fact, while sitting at her table, presenter Roman Kemp “trapped” the 54-year-old pop star, surprising her with a challenge: “I learned that drinking beer from a shoe is a custom in Australia. So…will you shoey with me?”

Minogue briefly loses it, asks the guests “should I?” and then takes off the black stiletto heels she’s wearing.

Kemp pours beer on shoes, flirts with the singer and drinks through her shoe…

Several artists bow to the healthily dubious Shoey at their Australian shows, while fans cheer them on. But Kylie Minogue wasn’t in her home country this time and social media users hit back, saying the host had “trapped” the unsuspecting star.

In fact, the Guardian commented on the event with humor, calling it a “diplomatic episode. “You can maybe ask Harry Styles and Post Malone when they’re in Australia somewhere. But from Kylie on British soil? Shalos, call the ambassador” wrote the columnist.

Photo source Twitter / Brit Awards