John Travolta explains the reason for his recent trip to Rio:

John Travolta explains the reason for his recent trip to Rio:

John Travolta chose Rio as the setting for the celebration of his 70th birthday, which ended on February 18th. On his Instagram profile, with more than five million followers, the Hollywood star recalled his recent (and discreet) visit to the city and revealed the reason for his visit.

“My trip to Brazil was to celebrate my birthday. I also want to thank ‘Olinda Brasil’ who dedicates a carnival to me every year. Thank you, friends. With love, JT”, wrote the protagonist of “Saturday Fever” (1977 ), “Grease (1978), and “Pulp Fiction- Tempo de Violência” (1994), which was caught on the balcony of a hotel room in Ipanema.

Travolta also mentioned the city of Pernambuco because of the tribute it has received for 40 years from a Carnival group with a 3.6 meter tall doll. The allegory wears a sweater and a shiny disco-era suit, with a black pompadour, in the style of the character Tony Manero from “Saturday Night Fever.”

The actor was grateful to learn that John Travolta’s doll is one of the hundreds of giants that parade through Olinda during the city’s Carnival days and that there is still a block named after him.

The last time the Hollywood star was seen on these beaches was in 2013, when he came to the Marvelous City flying his own plane, a Boeing 707. At the time, Travolta participated in the recording of a commercial for a national brand of cachaça.

Source: Folha

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