BBB 24: Lucas tells Pitel that he fears the absence of his ex-wife in the angel’s video: ‘I’m insecure’


Lucas Henrique, 30, confessed to Giovanna Pitel, 24, that he has doubts whether his ex-wife will be part of the gift he won this week on BBB 24, “I’m unsure about a stop. Tomorrow, the angel’s video, whether Camila will appear or not”, he said in the early hours of this Sunday (10).

Pitel asked why and the brother replied, “I don’t know what’s appearing [sobre mim] outside”, said Lucas and the two laughed. In the background, the song “Sinais”, by the group Sorriso Maroto, was playing, which narrates the separation of a couple.

Camila broke up with Lucas during the reality show due to the capoeirista’s flirtations with her sister. The educator posted photos of their wedding torn up and even changed their look to mark the new phase.

This Saturday (9), Boninho, 62, the program’s director, spoke out on Instagram and gave a hint about what will happen with the video.

“It was not expected, but Buddha won another test. And what test is this? Test of the Angel. And what is in the Angel? Does it have a message. And what message does it have? Do you want to know what message does it have? So stay tuned, tomorrow, around 1pm”, he said.

The time mentioned by Boninho is when Lucas’s lunch with Yasmin, Leidy and MC Bin Laden should take place, at which time the gift will also be displayed.

Source: Folha

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