BBB 24: Cast ships Isabelle with Pedro Sampaio and Matteus, during a party


Isabelle Nogueira, 31, is the sister-in-law of Boi Garantido. According to the regulations of the Parintins Folk Festival (369 km from Manaus), the sister’s title means “beautiful girl, warrior and guardian, expresses strength through beauty.”

The dancer’s characteristics spark the imagination of the public and the BBB 24 cast itself, who insist on the mission of finding suitors for her.

The manauara was shipped (an expression used to define those who support a couple) with Davi, by the viewers of the reality show. The fans cooled off a little after the Bahian admitted the previous month that he was jealous and loved her, but as a friend.

Two other rumors emerged about Isabelle’s love life, inside the house, in the early hours of this Sunday (10). DJ Pedro Sampaio, 26, was the brothers’ first target.

The musician opened the party this Saturday (9) and, according to Davi, couldn’t take his eyes off the dancer. “[Quando você] I turned my butt and he looked like this, look”, said the driver.

“Now my head is going to go crazy, because I’m going to be thinking. Did I do something wrong and this man is looking at me because they’re saying something about me outside?” Questioned Isabelle.

“He was looking at you with a look of desire,” David replied. The sister laughed and said that the singer must be married. Pedro is bisexual and dates model Henrique Meinke, 22.

Matteus, 27, also said he noticed an alleged stare from the DJ. “There were two looks to the side and three at you [Isabelle]”, said the gaucho. The participant asked them to stop the subject and stated that she was shy.

The man from Alegre did not expect that he himself would be the target of the second story about his sister’s love life.

A little after the conversation with Isabelle and Davi on the dance floor, the gaucho entered the house and sat down to talk to other allies.

In front of Alane, Beatriz said to her brother, “let me ask, because I’m tough, is there an atmosphere between you and Isabelle?”

Before letting her friend respond, Bia apologized to Deniziane, the Alegretense’s affair on the reality show.

“No. I will never be with anyone else [no BBB]. I stayed with Anny and I respect her a lot. I made it clear that we’re going to talk outside,” stated Matteus. Beatriz nodded and explained where she had gotten the idea from.

“It could be just me. Isabelle seems to like both men and women, only she who is feeling it can speak. But, I feel [uma atração entre ela] especially with Matteus. And with Alane, but she distanced herself”, she explained.

Matteus is asked about his relationship with Isabelle, during the early hours of this Sunday (10) – Reproduction/Globoplay

Beatriz evaluated a kiss on the forehead that the gaucho had given to the Amazonian woman the night before. “The atmosphere is cute,” she said. There are fans on the web for the couple Matteus and Isabelle to get together, even though the two deny getting close.

In the morning, in the final moments of the party, Isabelle sang the song “Solteiro Forçado”, by Ana Castela, alongside Beatriz. “Mare. That hurts”, said the manauara, who continues without kissing anyone on the reality show.

Source: Folha

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