Susana Vieira’s ex-boyfriend opens a snack bar and no one shows up: ‘Discouraged’


Sandro Pedroso lamented on social media last Monday (11) the start of a project that has not been working. The actor opened a snack bar in Anápolis, in the interior of Goiás, but no customers showed up on the opening day. He shared a recording at the scene, in which he appears with his head down.

“I’m a little missing from my social networks, because I saved all the money I had and with the help of a few friends, I set up a ‘Pit Dog’, which we call a good snack here in Goiás! But it ended up that no customers came to the opening “, he wrote. “I’m discouraged today… But I’m not losing faith”, he added.

The comments were filled with messages of support. “I can already see the place full and you happily celebrating!” commented a follower. “Today it didn’t work, tomorrow there will be so many customers that you won’t be able to serve them all”, wrote another.

However, there are also those who are suspicious of the outburst. “This is marketing,” wrote one. “I know this story,” said another.

Sandro Pedroso debuted on TV in “Fina Estampa” (2011) and was also in the cast of “Pecado Mortal” and A Fazenda, both on Record. He is also remembered for having dated Susana Vieira in 2009. In addition to her, he was married to Jéssica Costa, daughter of singer Leonardo. They were married for just over a year, from 2019 to 2020, and are parents to Noah (8).

Source: Folha

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