BBB 24: Leidy asks his brothers: ‘Who do you not want to have contact with abroad?’; See answers


The party was hosted by leader Beatriz, 23. But it was Leidy, 26, who took over the early hours of this Thursday morning (14). The sister interviewed the majority of the BBB 24 cast, before 1:43 am.

“Defronte com Leidy” worked as follows, the presenter called them one by one and asked questions about an imaginary life after the reality show. In this reality, participants should place themselves as finalists in the edition.

One of the questions in the chat was worthy of Sincerão. The sister wanted to know who the participants did not want contact with outside the house. Davi was mentioned three times and Fernanda twice. See what everyone responded, in alphabetical order.

Alane does not want contact with Fernanda. “She talked about my body, lied to me and did things that hurt me,” said the woman from Pará.

Beatriz does not want contact with Fernanda. After the interview, Leidy took this information to Ráculo, Giovanna and Lucas. The sister also said that the moment could be broadcast on the Globo edition, this Thursday night.

David he was the only one who was not invited to participate in the game. This is because Leidy fought with his brother and even threw his clothes into the pool. The sister’s attitude even earned a scolding from Tadeu Schmidt, 49. “I say that you are the interview professional, if you interview Davi”, provoked Pitel. “No,” replied the presenter with a smile.

Fernanda does not want contact with Beatriz. “Absolutely,” said the confectioner from Rio de Janeiro. During the interview, the sister said that, in addition to Pitel and Rodriguinho, she will maintain contact with MC Bin Laden. “We already hated each other, as I also hated you [Leidy]. And it’s friendship today,” she said.

Giovanna does not want contact with David. “What if he’s ‘Julietto’?” Leidy questioned. “His problem. I want him away from me. I want him to be very happy and fulfilled. He’s there in Bahia and I’m in Minas Gerais, or Rio de Janeiro”, she pointed out.

Isabelle did not reveal names. “He’s a person whose name I don’t even remember and I’m not even going to take into my life,” said the Amazonian.

Leidy was the interviewer. Therefore, there was another place in the dynamics created by her. However, there are clues to a possible response from the sister. The woman from Rio de Janeiro celebrated with each person who said she wouldn’t take Davi into her life.

Lucas was not interviewed by Leidy. Because the game started when she observed Pitel interviewing the capoeirista. The woman from Alagoas asked him what was the most difficult moment in the house. “[A resposta] It might not make me a millionaire”, said Lucas with a laugh.

Lucas talks to Pitel during leader Beatriz’s party, this Thursday (14) – Reproduction/Globoplay

Matthew He insisted that he wants contact with everyone. The gaucho did not compromise with his enemies. On the other hand, he has stated that he would like to resolve the case with Deniziane out here. A true committed single.

MC Bin Laden does not want contact with Davi. “Bro, the list is long,” said Bin at first. “You have to mention a person”, replied Leidy. “I don’t want contact with Davi”, reformulated the funk player, who has already threatened the young man.

Pitel does not want contact with Davi. The sister had little interaction with her brother in the game and is an ally of the group that doesn’t want the Bahian in the house. Furthermore, Pitel tells his colleagues that his brother’s actions are “disrespectful and beyond the game.”

Raquel does not want contact with Alane. “We are a bit distant in the game. She has her qualities, but I think that out there we won’t talk much,” he said.

Source: Folha

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