BBB 24: Buddha’s ex-wife complains about criticism and retorts: ‘They really want to see me in bed, suffering!


Since announcing the end of her marriage with Lucas Henrique, after her brother’s flirtation with Pitel inside the BBB 24 house, Camila Moura has been receiving criticism for the exposure of the episode. She has also been judged for gaining thousands of followers on social networks and earning money from advertising.

This Thursday (14), the History teacher complained about negative comments and rebutted the influencer Gabi Prado who insinuated that the couple had agreed on the controversial separation.

“Man, why do women do this to other women? For the love of God! Stop invalidating a woman, stop invalidating my pain and my attempt to start over! What hurts me most are these comments coming from women, and worse even women who have a voice on the internet”, began Camila.

She then denied that she had arranged anything with Buddha before the reality show. “Making it clear to everyone, there is nothing agreed upon and there is no conspiracy theory. I am real here”, highlighted she, who said she was following everything and even taking medication to overcome this difficult time. “In the midst of all this, I found an escape valve: working. But people really want to see me in bed, suffering!”, he concluded on X (formerly Twitter)

In conversation with her followers on another social network, Camila also denied that she is earning R$100,000 from advertising. “The pix is ​​going to another account. It’s not mine, friend. Maybe one day, in the future, but I don’t have all that shit yet,” she said in response to a fan.

She also left her intention to move to São Paulo up in the air. “Guys, this is a wonderful question that I don’t know how to answer. I really don’t know how to answer it. I love Rio de Janeiro, I’m a Carioca at heart, I love wearing flip-flops (laughs), I love going to the beach, I really don’t know. getting to know a very different São Paulo than the one I got to know as a tourist. Have I thought about that? I’ve thought about that. But I still don’t know how to answer,” he said.

Source: Folha

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