BBB 24: Alane invites brothers to donate blood after the reality show


The most watched house in Brazil isn’t just about discord. Dancer Alane invited her closest friends on BBB 24 to donate blood after the reality show. The invitation was made during the early hours of Friday (15) in an unusual way.

The sister had blocked the toilet and received advice from Beatriz, Davi and Matteus. They told the woman from Pará to use a bucket to help with bathroom hygiene and also to hydrate herself better in the coming days.

The four of them took a shower together and stayed there to dry off while they talked about the week’s shopping. During the discussion, Alane and Beatriz massaged Davi’s shoulders and, soon after, they combed Matteus’ hair.

The gaucho was standing and the two women were sitting on a counter next to the shower stall. Then he decided to open his legs to give them enough height to touch his hair, “Cristiano Ronaldo pose”, commented his brother.

Alane said what he knew about the Portuguese player, “I just know that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have a tattoo, because he donates blood. I think it’s cool”, he said.

According to information available at the Pró-Sangue Foundation, a tattooed person, who meets all other prerequisites, can donate blood – as long as the last tattoo made is more than six months old.

Matteus, who also plays on the non-tattooed team, told Alane that he was also a donor.

The sister then invited her friends. “In Belém there is Hemopa [Fundação Centro de Hemoterapia e Hematologia do Pará] and always needs blood. We need to pay a visit,” he said and everyone agreed.

People between 16 and 69 years old can be donors. See answers to some frequently asked questions about blood donation at Sheet.

Source: Folha

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