BBB 24: Fernanda and MC Bin Laden pay the monster’s punishment under a thermal sensation of 60ºC


With a thermal sensation of 60ºC in Rio de Janeiro, Fernanda and MC Bin Laden had to stay outside the BBB 24 house, under the sun, wearing princess and frog costumes to pay the monster’s punishment.

The duo was chosen by the current angel, Matteus, to carry out penance. On the internet, however, viewers warned of the danger to which participants were being exposed. The temperature in Rio reached a maximum of 38ºC this Saturday (16). The neighborhood of Guaratiba, in the west zone, recorded the highest thermal sensation in history, of 60.1ºC at 10:20 am. BBB’s home is in Jacarepaguá, also in the west zone of Rio.

On X (Twitter), viewers of the reality show uploaded the hashtag “no monsters in the heat”. “Does the production think it’s healthy to leave the two of them in this outfit moldy in the RJ sun? Crazy!”, criticized an internet user.

“When Boninho’s son [Davi] It was the monster, the punishment was in the room, with air conditioning, and it was the only one like that, without any explanation”, recalled another user of the network.

Also this Saturday (16), the BBB 24 house was invaded by white smoke, which left those confined and viewers curious. O F5 He contacted Globo to find out what it was about, but so far he has not received a response.

Source: Folha

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