Fabiana Justus returns to hospital for a new cycle of treatment against leukemia


After a period at home with her husband and three children, influencer Fabiana Justus, 37, will be admitted to a hospital again this Monday (18) for another stage of treatment against leukemia.

On social media, Roberto Justus’ daughter spoke about this new phase and revealed the strategies to prepare her two twin daughters, Sienna and Chiara, 5, for the new period of absence.

The youngest son, Luigi, is just five months old. Fabiana had to stop breastfeeding her baby because of chemotherapy treatment.

“The Sunday I needed before continuing the most important battle of my life”, said Fabiana when she said that she spent the day with the children in the pool and participating in fun and games. “I stuck to them like I have since I was released from the hospital.”

The influencer was hospitalized for 34 days in the initial cycle of treatment. After that, she was entitled to a break to rest. During the three weeks that she stayed at home, she shared her routine with the children on Instagram, including celebrating the twins’ birthday with a family camp in the apartment’s living room.

“I’m going to hold on to these moments while I’m away. I know it won’t be easy, but I also know it’s necessary. I’ll stay away for another period, but it’s to guarantee my life with them back,” he said.

Fabiana told her daughters about the new hospitalization and revealed that the girls were sad. “Staying away is the hardest part of treatment.”

The influencer felt it was important to explain to the children about the need to spend time in the hospital again. The first hospitalization was emergency and she was unable to talk to her daughters.

Fabiana told the twins that their defense soldiers are weak and need to get strong again. “I’m grateful to have this moment of conversation.”

One of the girls went to play right after the dialogue and the other wanted to ask questions and asked to speak to her mother’s doctors.

Fabiana prepared potted plants for her daughters to water while she was away and thus ease the wait.

Source: Folha

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