Lívia Andrade explains wrong flight and delay to Domingão: ‘It wasn’t my fault!’


Lívia Andrade, one of the presenters of Domingão com Huck, arrived late to the program last Sunday (17) and amused the audience with the confusion she faced. Luciano Huck told the audience that she slept during the flight from São Paulo to Rio and, by mistake, ended up in Porto Alegre.

The program played the audio sent by Lívia, who said that, upon arriving at her destination, she found everything strange and, when she asked the taxi driver, she discovered she was in the wrong city. To get her back in time, Huck sent a helicopter to Porto Alegre.

Later, Lívia explained that the flight change happened without her knowledge. She said that, upon arriving at the airport, she went to the indicated gate, boarded the flight she was supposed to, sat in the indicated seat and fell asleep. “I slept, woke up and got there. The question is not for me. You have to ask the airline employee how she allows someone to get on the plane without a ticket,” she said.

Still during the program, while explaining what happened, Lívia even poked fun at Silvio Santos, her former boss. “Do you see how life changes? My old boss used to shock me in the ass. The current one sends a helicopter to pick me up,” she said, comparing the owner of SBT to Luciano Huck.

Source: Folha

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