BBB 24: Isabelle complains to Alane and exposes crisis in the fairy group


Isabelle was reluctant to ally herself with the group of fairies on BBB 24. Despite her friendship with Davi, the Amazonian was uncomfortable in the presence of Alane, Beatriz and Matteus. She even prefers to call the union of the other four “high school”, American high school, in reference to films about American teenagers.

Cunhã-poranga got closer to the group after winning an endurance test together with Beatriz, “and the involvement was natural”, as she defines the current alliance. The depth with the fairies reached the point where the sister was shipped with the team’s gaucho.

But, after Sincerão this Monday (18), Isabelle once again had doubts about Alane and Bia’s support.

“Alane forgot to mention that when their trio was complete [antes da eliminação de Deniziane], a few weeks ago, they were laying firewood on Isabelle. And today they’re walking around like they’re Isabelle’s best friends”, said Ráculo during the live dynamic.

The phrase was enough to make the Amazonian suspicious. “I’m very confused about this,” said the sister to the imprisoned duo.

Davi went to talk to his sister during the early hours of this Tuesday (19), after the dynamic. However, Isabelle avoided giving details about what she felt to the Bahian and warned that she would only talk about her feelings during the day.

Since the formation of the wall this Sunday (17), raids began to appear. Cunhã avoided voting with the high school in the confessional and shook the confidence of the other fans of the fairy group outside of the reality show.

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