A video showing a couple shopping in an organic store swept the internet, with users wondering if it was Kate Middleton and him prince william.

The user who uploaded the video to TikTok asked the question: “Is that Kate Middleton?” However, the responses to the 2,000 comments left no doubt: “No, it’s not Kate.”

This video, along with another titled “Where is #KateMiddleton? Cause that’s not her!” they got millions of views.

According to BrandMentions companythe hashtags #whereiskate, #katebodydouble and #katemiddleton have been used by 400 million users on social media and websites in the past seven days.

On the same day, it became known that three employees at the private hospital London Clinic illegally tried to gain access to Kate Middleton’s medical file.

The hospital is conducting an internal investigation and the relevant Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is also involved. However, the file of King Charles, who was treated at the same hospital, was not affected.

All this “sheds light” on the fact that the update from the palace on Kate Middleton’s health could avoid the speculation and rumors that are circulating.

However, the principle “We have to be seen to be believed” was not fully followed, as evidenced by recent events.