BBB 24: Beatriz threatens to remove leader Giovanna from the VIP if she wins the angel test: ‘No massage’


Beatriz threatened the perks won by Giovanna during the fourteenth test of the leader of BBB 24. “If I catch the angel tomorrow, I’ll take her out of the room [da liderança e dos vips], I put her in the monster. Without massage, it will be a knife in the teeth”, said the saleswoman from Brás during the early hours of this Friday (22).

Bia’s promise was made in front of Alane and Isabelle. The duo expressed concern about how the ally’s action would be seen by the reality audience. They also recognized the partner’s right to be upset at being vetoed by her opponent in the leadership dispute.

Giovanna had at least two reasons to prevent Beatriz from participating in the race. The first was the fear of retaliation. Bia faced the last wall because of the nutritionist’s recommendation.

The second reason is prevention. Giovanna was in the São Paulo native’s sights both times her opponent won the crown.

There is no rule that prevents the leader from being punished with the monster in reality. On the other hand, there is a kind of non-verbal agreement between the participants to avoid this move.

The next angel test is scheduled to take place this Saturday (23). In addition to the power to punish two brothers, the winner will be immune to the next wall.

Source: Folha

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