BBB 24: Beatriz is furious after Pitel calls her clueless in Sincerão: ‘It disturbs the artists’


The dynamics of Sincerão this Monday (25) involved a “smoke bomb” — actually a colored powder cannon that participants had to set off on each other.

The game was opened by leader Giovanna, who chose Davi as her first target. “He caused chaos with the whole house, he fought with everyone and didn’t even apologize to half of them, he points out mistakes in others but doesn’t see his own”, explained the leader. Davi was the first of the night to take the colored smoke bomb.

Then, Pitel chose Beatriz as his target: “I find Beatriz cunning, disrespectful, selfish and invasive. Just to give an example, you chose a song to be the soundtrack of your life and keep disturbing all the artists by asking to sing the song. music, disrespecting the repertoire that each one prepared to play here at the party. You throw yourself in front of us, you don’t let others enjoy the shows, with the excuse that you are very happy and excited. Everyone here is happy and excited, the The difference is that we’re not as clueless as you,” said Pitel.

Beatriz took a bath in colored powder and left furious with Pitel’s comments. “Just open your mouth to talk sh*t”, she cursed.

“You are disrespectful and immature, you don’t even know how to accept the dynamics of the program”, replied Pitel.

The next one to throw the smoke was Davi, who chose Leidy as his target. “I forgive you for throwing my clothes in the pool, even though you didn’t apologize,” Davi said. Leidy, in turn, fired back at Davi saying he is “arrogant, arrogant and manipulative.”

Next up was Matteus, who threw smoke at Bin Laden, saying that the funk singer called whoever voted for him fake and then got together with the people who had voted for him. Bin Laden returned the colored smoke to Mateus: “You didn’t come to play, you came to walk and do VT. Are you leaving it to take a position now, after 80 days?”, criticized the funk player.

Bin Laden still disagreed with Davi in ​​terms of dynamics. The two exchanged smoke. “Don’t come and pay like a player here, you’re not better than anyone else, you joker,” snapped Bin Laden.

Matteus threw smoke at Leidy, who in turn threw it at Alane. Giovanna threw it at Beatriz, saying she is childish and disrespectful. Pitel threw it at Alane, saying that she doesn’t recognize her own mistakes.

In the end of the game, Davi was the one who took the most smoke bombs: three in total. Pitel, Fernanda, Isabelle, Lucas and Giovanna emerged from the dynamic unharmed.

Source: Folha

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