Monja Coen reveals that she has skin cancer and celebrates treatment: ‘Everything that begins has a middle and an end’


The Coen nun revealed that she is undergoing treatment for skin cancer. On social media, the religious leader showed the wounds on her face and head, but reassured her followers that she is already in the healing process.

“Just to remember that everything that begins has a middle and an end”, said the nun, who is 76 years old. According to her, the treatment is localized chemotherapy, made with ointments.

“I’m in the healing process, he’s ugly, he gets really ugly, but then he gets better”, said the nun. “Life is like that, sometimes we go through moments when things are not as we would like. We are not in the best state of health, in the best financial state, relationships are difficult, but everything has a beginning, middle and end”.

“I’m giving feedback on my treatment, it gets worse before it gets better”, showed the nun in another video. “It creates this crust, I say I’m turning into an alligator, because this crust is very hard. After becoming an alligator, who knows, who knows, I’ll turn back into a fish?”

Then, she went back to reassuring her followers about the disease. “It works, that’s the treatment, that’s how it is and it’s getting better. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said ‘congratulations’. So don’t worry.”

Source: Folha

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