BBB 24: Web criticizes Thais Fersoza after lack of interaction with Fernanda and cell phone use


Those who followed the latest edition of Bate-Papo BBB noticed a supposed irritation from presenter Thais Fersoza. On social media, she has been criticized for not having had much interaction with the eliminated Fernanda from BBB 24, in addition to using her cell phone in the middle of the interview.

Of course, in addition to the criticism, many memes were created. Internet users even asked for her departure and commented that Ana Clara performed better in this role in previous editions.

While Ed Gama, Thais’ partner on the attraction, tried to take the chat lightly, on many occasions Thaís had a more closed face. She also refused to dance with Fernanda at the end of the show.

This was not the first time that the presenter has received criticism. In January, Nizam Hayek’s sister, Hanna Lins, criticized live the tone adopted by her in the Chat, held after the participant’s elimination.

Thais was incisive, tough, showed Nizam’s mistakes and harshly criticized him for sexist speeches made within the program. Something similar had already happened, but on a smaller scale and impact, in the post-elimination interview with Lucas Pizane, another eliminated man.

Source: Folha

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