What woman has never wondered if she was crazy?, says Grazi about her character in the cinema


Anahi Martinho

In “A Happy Family”, Grazi Massafera and Reynaldo Gianecchini play a seemingly perfect couple, but who hide sinister secrets behind the white fence of their house in a luxury condominium.

While Eva (Grazi) faces the difficult postpartum period of her third child, Vicente (Gianecchini) has dubious attitudes; sometimes a loving father and companion, sometimes a controlling and aggressive man. The film has a script by the celebrated author Raphael Montes, of “Bom Dia, Verônica” and directed by José Belmonte (“Carcereiros”).

To the F5Grazi spoke about identifying with her character, who goes through disturbing situations while trying to maintain appearances for her family.

“Every woman will identify with Eva’s process. She goes through very strong maternal issues. What happens in our body chemically during the postpartum period is something that not even we understand. And this confusion brings her reflection all the time: ‘Will it be Why am I doing this to the children?” says Grazi. In the film, Eva is accused of mistreating her children.

“Which woman has never questioned herself: ‘Am I going crazy? Did I want to be a mother? Did I want to be here in this family, with this husband? Is he discrediting me? Am I not being enough to this family?'”, says the actress.

While fighting her own internal conflicts during the postpartum period, Eva has to deal with her husband’s passive-aggressiveness. “He says these violent phrases, but just being there and holding the child, that’s it, he’s a good father, he’s not questioned about anything else”, says Grazi.

“He brings a bottle when the woman is struggling to breastfeed. And when she wants to go back to work, when she starts to think of herself as an individual and not just as a mother, he attacks her for that. And what woman has never gone through this?” he provokes.

Mother of Sophia, 11 years old, with Cauã Reymond, the actress says that she also had a postpartum period full of challenges. “Breastfeeding is something that no one tells us how difficult it is. We try to normalize these issues that are not normal. We are very complex,” she says.

“It’s not just a suspense film, it’s a film that brings many structural reflections on our society. It’s a film in this place, it makes us uncomfortable. Placing Eva within the group of suspects is making her question herself: ‘Am I crazy?’ And which of us has never questioned this, whether for a real reason or because of some accusation?”, points out Grazi.

The game is never won

Gianecchini, who repeats his partnership with author Raphael Montes after the acclaimed series “Bom Dia, Verônica”, revealed that despite decades of career, he still feels insecure about a new job.

“I always think about the process I’m going to go through in that new character, because I always want to learn. I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it”, he says. “It’s inherent to the profession that we have to kill a lion a day. I always feel this: the game is never won. I go to set and I always think that everyone suspects that I won’t be able to deliver. But on the one hand it’s good , because it takes me out of my comfort zone. I’m very critical of myself and I always want to improve”, he says.

Source: Folha

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