BBB 24: ‘It sucks that the game separated us’, says Isabelle to Lucas


Lucas and Isabelle spoke for almost 45 minutes in the early hours of this Tuesday (2). The two are opponents on BBB 24, but, according to them, there was mutual admiration before entering the reality show. Hence the duo’s discomfort with the relationship established within the edition.

“One of the things I’ve felt the most during the time we’ve been in the house has been our separation”, said the carioca. He praised his sister’s career, culture and appearance.

Isabelle shared part of her brother’s impressions. “You are very important to me too. For your fight, capoeira, for your ancestry, for the tide community. Your party [do líder sobre capoeira] It was the only one I cried, I felt something very strong energetic and spiritual”, pointed out the Amazonian.

Throughout the subject, the two participants explained the beginning of the distance in different ways. For Lucas, his sister started voting for him because he didn’t put her in the VIP in his first leadership, “then you started voting for me”, she said.

Isabelle says that the teacher didn’t prioritize her to put in his top 10. “Then there was that big mess with Bin that seems to have been because of that vote,” said the dancer.

The fact is that the sister voted for her brother for the first time in the sixth wall and he only started voting for her from the seventh. Before, each of them attacked each other’s allies.

Lucas participated in the persecution of Davi, including a non-existent story about the Bahian saying that boxes didn’t deserve to win the BBB. And Isabelle voted for Matteus, MC Bin Laden, Rodriguinho and Nizam until that point in the reality show.

The dancer said that she did not receive an opening from her friend for them to bond during confinement. According to her, her brother prioritized Deniziane, Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet due to the game.

“I didn’t get close to Anny because I thought she was strong. So much so that I gave her a bracelet [de alvo]”, justified the capoeirista. And, once again, they praised each other again.

Lucas said he never said anything bad about his sister in the edition. According to him, he even tried to prevent MC Bin Laden from doing so. He also explained that he was upset when Isabelle accused him of gossiping on March 22.

“I went to scold Fernanda because she was laughing after you were eliminated,” said Lucas. In fact, he maintains this version for all the fairies, that he intended to reprimand the eliminated participant, as he thought the gesture could have hurt the dancer’s feelings and says that he advised his sister to look for Isabelle.

But, for the gnomes, he changes the tone of his speech and justifies his mistake in another way. Lucas says he suspected that Isabelle became possessed, although he recognizes that it was a mistaken impression, and it stops the story at that point.

Without knowing this context, the Amazonian woman apologized and praised her friend again. Isabelle even quoted Camila Moura, “your wife must be very proud of you”, she commented, “damn it that the game separated us”, continued her sister.

“I don’t want to avoid you anymore. Let’s talk about whatever we need to talk about, let’s give each other strength and that doesn’t change in relation to the game”, suggested the carioca. “But in this final stretch, Lucas?” Questioned Isabelle.

They agreed to continue the reality show as opponents and ended the matter with a hug.

Source: Folha

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