Ricky Martin took part in Madonna’s famous showas part of her self-titled tour “Celebration”. It is a part of the show that the “Queen of Pop” does in each of her concerts, as part of her tour.

During it, Madonna invites celebrities on stage to take part in her team’s sexy dance routines, and then they score them.

Ricky Martin appeared to be very excited by Madonna’s dancers who danced in front of him, with some dancing simulating sex acts with him.

As reported by the international media, the video featuring Ricky Martin went viral, as many commented that the 52-year-old singer was irritated by the dancers.

In fact, “TMZ” published the relevant excerpt from the show and titled the article with the question “Is this an erection?” In the text, it is stated that: “At one point during the sexy dance, Ricky seems to get turned on.”

“Thank you Madonna, my love! It’s always fun to be a party guest. You shouldn’t miss this show”Ricky Martin wrote in X.