Rodrigo Faro becomes a meme after Silvio Santos biopic trailer


The release of the trailer for Silvio Santos’ biopic was enough for presenter and actor Rodrigo Faro, who plays the SBT commander in the film, to become a meme.

Many people have compared him to Carlos Villagrán, Quico from the series Chaves, and also to Chapolin’s twin dancers due to his characterization.

It even left for the presenter of Pânico, Emilio Surita (check it out below).

The film will tell the story of the kidnapping suffered by Silvio Santos in 2001. “Based on real events, businessman Silvio Santos tells his story in an attempt to make peace with the past and guarantee his survival in the present, when he is taken hostage by the same man who kidnapped one of his daughters,” says the caption. The theatrical release is scheduled for September 5th.

The recordings lasted 40 days and ended in August 2022. In an interview with Folha in the same year, Faro stated that playing the communicator was the role of his life.

“The people who mark our lives, who mark the history of Brazil like Silvio does, have to be honored in life. We can’t wait for that person to leave to honor them. I didn’t want to do something that would displease him. “

Source: Folha

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