“Professions” today’s topic of “My Style Rocks”, in an episode that had everything. From smart outfits, tensions and reconciliations, to Simone’s “revelations” about designers.

The players of “My Style Rocks” switch jobs for a day, with today’s theme being “Professions” and try to impress the judges with their choices.

Before the individual catwalks started, there was the identification catwalk of the new player who enters the competition and it is about Betty Papandreou, a former model like her mother, with her considering that her style belongs to the final.

Stelios Koudounaris did not take kindly to the slippers Casablanca chose to wear, with the “My Style Rocks” judge recalling an accident he had while wearing a similar pair.

With a verse by Marina Satti from the song with which Greece will be represented at this year’s Eurovision, Lakis Gavalas began his criticism of Casablanca’s current effort. More specifically, when the judge took the floor, he sang “I fall and roll like a dice…”.

On the occasion of yesterday’s advice from Stelios Koudounaris, Nikolina generously gave a “4” to Fotini, in a move… of truce with the player for what has been happening lately.

“They ignited the blood” after the extra point – Nikolina’s gift to Fotini as a sign of truce due to the climate between them, with Natasha, Nikolina and Zeta saying it in a strong tone.

Stelios Koudounaris did not like the development of the case after Nikolina’s grading, since there was also a reference to his name for his “reprimand” yesterday in order to stop these incidents.

Fotini’s catwalk for today’s episode followed, with her receiving positive comments for her effort.

Dimitra threw… her “nail” at Natasha regarding the way in which she and the players who are “close” to her rate.

Natasha Ousa in front of the jury could not stand what she heard in the subsequent critique of her catwalk, with her speaking of her irritation at the “aces” she finds too reductive of her choices.

Nikolina, who made her catwalk as a secretary, mentioned the restrictions on conservative clothing that do not exist for the LGBTI community. Tension between the player and Natasha, with the former unable to accept the reasoning behind her interlocutor’s rating.

Then the new player made her first catwalk in the competition, managing to make a good start, with the judges being satisfied with her performance.

Casablanca and Simon became “mill” after Zeta’s catwalk, with the latter clearly outraged and talking about “lies”.

Chaos on the set of “My Style Rocks” with Simone directly accusing Casablanca of ready-made sets while talking about the audacity of the player who looks her in the eyes while telling lies, with the recipient of these comments however initially responding and in the process not follows up on the incident in question.

Zeta collected the highest score and is the winner of the day with 11.9 points is the winner of the day.

Following the conclusion of today’s challenge and Zeta’s victory, Katerina Karavatou announced the theme of the next episode of ‘My Style Rocks’.