BBB 24: Beatriz is the twentieth eliminated from the reality show, with 82.61% of the votes


Beatriz Reis, 23, was the twentieth eliminated from BBB 24. The public’s decision was announced by Tadeu Schmidt, 49, this Thursday (11). The saleswoman from São Paulo received 82.61% of the votes on the wall against Isabelle (9.86%) and Davi (7.53%).

Bia fell into the spotlight due to the Bahian driver’s counterattack. The two friends, and members of the fairy group, were surprised at the last sincere and declared a rivalry, which was previously discreet.

Davi stated that the seller was selfish and childish, adjectives refused by the sister until her final moments in the house. The eliminated woman even suggested that an entity was raising an opponent against her in the reality show.

Bia was the first popcorn of 2024 to reach the one million followers mark on Instagram and has emerged as one of the edition’s favorites since January. The sister’s name was one of the most searched for on BBB 24 in recent days.

She owns the catchphrase “Brasil do Brasil” and used it to advertise BBB sponsors whenever possible. There are those who say that this is Beatriz’s way of being. Some say that the former participant was a character created for the reality show.

Interpretations aside, Beatriz Reis experienced sensations at BBB. She took down celebrities, made clothes out of leftover fruit, jumped topless in the pool, won two leader tests through endurance challenges and became popular

Source: Folha

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