BBB 24: ‘I shouted at Boninho’, says Beatriz about one of the reality show’s selections


Between good and evil, Beatriz Reis chose to raise her voice with the Globo director responsible for Big Brother Brasil to enter the reality show.

“I really wanted to participate. Once at the tryout I shouted at Boninho. There was the tryout, everyone left, Boninho was at the table taking notes, I came back and shouted: ‘Boninho, look me in the eye, I’m not going to give up’. He he remained neutral and continued”, said the ex-sister on Bate-Papo BBB.

Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama were stunned. The pair of presenters asked if Beatriz’s scream happened for the 2024 season. “Either last year or this year. I don’t remember exactly. I tried three times”, replied the 23-year-old actress.

Eliminated with 82.61% of the votes, Bia stated that she did not train to enter the reality show. Her strategy was to be natural, “even the advertisements were genuine”, revealed the salesperson.

“Look! We were going to ask about the subject, there was no need”, Thaís reacted. Ed took advantage of the subject of game strategies and asked the eliminated woman’s opinion on the performance of her opponents.

“I always thought Fernanda’s game was fake”, he pointed out, “I had nothing against Pitel, but after she spoke about my joy and my way”, added the sister while frowning.

Beatriz also spoke about her relationship with Davi, with whom she fought in recent days. The sister went so far as to refuse a hug from her brother after the elimination. The last gesture of affection between the pair only happened because the Bahian insisted, “the game is over, Bia”, she said.

“I’m very hurt by him, but I like him a lot. He’s a son of a bitch, but I like him a lot”, said Beatriz. When reviewing moments of the argument and discovering the number of her brother’s followers, the actress said that she would leave with or without the fight.

The sister watched a recorded conversation between Davi and Isabelle. In the video, the Bahian vented to his friend about Bia’s discomfort with the Amazonian woman’s affair with Matteus.

“Did your friends’ happiness bother you?” Ed asked with a smile. “No, no, no, no”, exclaimed Bia. “It was just me and Alane freaking out,” she said. According to Beatriz, the couple could ruin her chances of going to the final.

Outside of the reality show, the saleswoman was able to see the kiss between Matteus and Isabelle that took 94 days to happen. “They’re slower than me, I’m a virgin”, she said. The eliminated woman said that she is rooting for their relationship, “I hope Anny doesn’t block me”, she said.

The interviewers also informed the ex-BBB member that part of the public saw her as a character. Thaís and Ed showed videos on the subject during the interview.

“Shocked”, was the only word said by Beatriz on this subject.

Source: Folha

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