BBB 24: Alane cries with Isabelle and says she senses elimination: ‘The story is already drawn’


Alane suffered a lot on the eve of the last elimination from BBB 24, this Sunday (14). The dancer from Pará spent a good part of the day crying and ended up venting to Isabelle at the end of the afternoon. The sister said she is certain that she will leave the reality show at 21º Paredão. “I’m sure I’ll leave. It’s very obvious. The story is very well designed and I’m clearly not in it,” she commented.

“What do you mean the story is very well drawn?”, asked the manuara. Alane then gave her opinion: “Firstly, you are Davi’s podium, not that Davi is going to win, I don’t know… But it’s definitely someone’s podium. Secondly, Bia left, and I was very close, I was on her side in the argument with Davi. If Bia left and it was a direct clash with Davi, I will leave. And thirdly, you are a couple, a couple has a lot of strength, never taking away your individual merit, But like it or not, couples have strength.”

Isabelle disagreed and remembered that she is the one who can leave the program. “I’m also thinking about the elimination and I need to prepare myself. Matteus is a very nice person, but who is he with? You are very close friends and that could weigh on the public’s decision,” she explained.

“There is a friendship, but my friendship with him is different than with Bia. My friendship with Bia, I’m aware that it probably weighed on a wall. Because when the two of us and someone else went, the person left. Ráculo, Pitel. I’m aware that my friendship with Bia weighed a lot, but my friendship with Matteus shouldn’t weigh as much as a relationship. It’s much more beautiful, much more of the program’s history. To see, to watch “, analyzed the woman from Pará, who has already complained about being alone in the game now.

“Did you think Bia was going to leave? I didn’t think so”, said the manauara. “I didn’t think so, that’s why. I think Bia had the power to be on the podium. I think she’s like a Gil [do Vigor], who went to the wrong wall and came out, you know? My fear is going to a wall with you and Davi, because I’m sure I’m going to get out”, concluded Alane.

Source: Folha

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