Endrick’s girlfriend says the couple signed a contract with rules and ‘affective exclusivity’


Influencer Gabriely Miranda has been dating Palmeiras player Endrick for six months. In July, the striker moves to Spain, where he will play for Real Madrid, and she still doesn’t know if she will accompany him in the first months of his new journey. But, the model also says that she is not worried about the distance and all this security is based on a contract that the two recently made.

The news was announced in an interview that Gabriely gave this Friday (12) to Pod Delas. Accompanied by Endrick, she explained that it is not a bond that determines its duration. “There’s an email, there’s ID, his signature, my signature… everything is correct”, began the model, who wrote most of the clauses.

Endrick said that at the time he was surprised by his girlfriend’s proposal. “When she was doing it, I thought she was really mad at me. Because she took an hour. She didn’t answer me. ‘I did some s…’. And she actually made a contract.”

In the first clause, Gabriely says that the lovers declared that they were in a voluntary emotional relationship, based on respect, understanding and affection. The two also committed to emotional exclusivity, not maintaining romantic or intimate relationships with third parties or people they have had relationships with in the past.

Endrick also listed other clauses: “Saying ‘I love you’ is mandatory in any situation and always holding hands”, he commented, surprising presenters Boo Unzueta and Tata Estaniecki.

Gabriely also spoke about the prohibitions: “It is extremely forbidden to discuss or fight in front of others and you cannot have a drastic change in personality or behavior. We cannot sleep or go out fighting.”

The attacker explained that, when a rule of the agreement is broken, the other needs to be rewarded as a way of “paying the fine”. “Whoever doesn’t comply with this, at the end of the month has to give what the other person wants. Like, I asked for an Apple headset and she gave it to me”, he explained. In one of Gabriely’s lost bets, Endrick won a Playstation 5 from the influencer.

Source: Folha

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