Meghan Markle takes woman in photo next to Prince Harry: ‘do you want to come here?


Meghan Markle has already been identified by the British press as a jealous woman and a video circulating on social media showed that the actress pays a lot of attention to when she approaches Harry. The Duchess of Sussex was uncomfortable with a woman’s insistence on taking a photo next to her husband and did not calm down when she placed the young woman next to her and away from the prince.

The scenes took place at the end of Harry’s polo match at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida, United States, on Friday (12). Meghan was handing the trophy to the youngest son of King Charles III and, suddenly, a woman from the event organization tried to position herself next to Harry to take photos. For some reason, the girl’s choice did not please the actress.

The duchess then pointed to a seat next to her and asked: ‘do you want to come here?’. The woman didn’t listen and she repeated the question twice more until the young woman positioned herself in the empty space. Perhaps it was a question of logistics to facilitate the photos, but internet users criticized Meghan’s attitude.

“Meghan Markle is very controlling,” commented one user. “No class, no respect”, summarized a follower of the British royal family. “Pathetic situation and she [Meghan] always wanting to steal the spotlight,” said another user on the social network.

Source: Folha

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