BBB 24: Reality opens double registrations for Big Brother Brasil 25


Tadeu Schmidt, 49, announced the opening of registrations for Big Brother Brasil 25 during the night of this Monday (15). The announcement took place within BBB 24’s live programming.

According to the presenter, candidates will only be able to register in pairs. Each duo must register only once with both CPFs. “And anyone who signs up with a partner will not be able to do so again with another person”, highlights the form.

“Choose your partner well”, highlighted Tadeu. The presenter suggested that registrations be made between people with a “very strong bond.”

The dynamics are reminiscent of BBB 18, in which Ana Clara entered with her father, Ayrton, her mother, Eva and her brother, Jorge. Only Ana Clara and Ayrton remained until the end of the game. The duo, however, was the only one in the edition with this dynamic. The remaining participants played individually.

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Source: Folha

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