BBB 24: There were fights inside the house, outside I’m open to friendships, says Davi


Davi Brito was unable to rest after becoming the BBB 24 champion. The 21-year-old Bahian took 60.52% of the votes and received the prize of R$2.92 million. This Wednesday morning (17), he participated in Ana Maria Braga’s program.

The brother reinforced that he always remembered his dream of becoming a doctor to remain firm in the competition. On the program, he won a scholarship to study medicine. “Feuds remained inside the house, in the outside world it’s over. Out here I’m open to friendships,” he said.

Throughout the edition, he had clashes with several brothers, such as MC Binn, Wanessa Camargo and Rodriguinho. Despite his movements in the game, the Bahian stated that he had no idea that he could become the public’s favorite.

“I was judged a lot there, but I played it well. I would never accept people judging me for something I’m not. They called me manipulative, I never did that.”

Ana Maria also asked Davi to cook for her and stated that she was upset with the participants who didn’t appreciate it when her brother made meals for everyone. He prepared a sandwich with bacon, ham, cheese and salami for the presenter.

During the chat, Mani, the Bahian’s girlfriend, went live to talk to him.

“Come, I want to give you some kisses. I miss you, a hundred days isn’t easy.” Davi also said that he has always respected Isabelle, his greatest ally in the game, and that he only sees her as a sister.

The edition showed the ex-brother the prizes he won, which total R$ 704 thousand reais, in addition to the final prize.

Source: Folha

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