BBB 24: Brothers choose Davi and Fernanda fans as the most dangerous on social media


The 26 participants of BBB 24 met again this Wednesday (17) in a live auditorium program in which they themselves were the audience. Ana Clara led the one and a half hour attraction broadcast on Multishow.

The program started at 10:30 pm, less than 24 hours after the final. Maybe that’s why the finalists Davi, Isabelle and Matteus seemed more tired than the group of eliminated people.

Exhaustion, in fact, was a recurring theme of jokes among members of the program, which also featured the presence of Ed Gama and Tadeu Schmidt.

First, the ex-BBBs watched a series of videos. Some recalled the fights that happened throughout the season, others showed memes and others brought scenes of friendship and romance on BBB 24.

This last content caused embarrassment among the brothers. One of the VTs started with a kiss between Deniziane and Matteus, now separated. During the screening of the material, the live camera focused on Marcus Vinicius’ reaction. The man from Pará laughed, gestured and opened his eyes wide.

Matteus was caught staring at his ex, Anny, while the video was being shown. The camera also looked for Isabelle, the last sister to kiss the gaucho. She wore a fixed smile.

In the second moment of the reunion, Ana Clara held votes among the former participants. “Who was the most mischievous in the house? Point out”, said the presenter. Everyone elected David, including himself. Then, the fight between Fernanda and Alane was chosen as the best fight of the season.

The 26 also said that the Bahian and Rio de Janeiro followers are the most dangerous on social media. Fernanda even howled to greet her fans after the brief vote.

In the third moment, Ana, Ed and Tadeu played a game that they themselves didn’t know exactly what it was about.

Tadeu even cursed on air. “We are live for all of Brazil”, the cast in the audience and their colleagues on stage repeated in chorus.

“I forgot that I have the microphone. What a shame, man”, lamented the journalist, with laughter.

According to Ana Clara, the attraction closed the BBB 24 season. There were no clues about the future of the couples formed by Isabelle and Matteus, Matteus and Deniziane or Giovanna and MC Binn.

Participants avoided washing dirty clothes in the air. Even the most energetic ones, like Beatriz, Davi and Fernanda, didn’t seem to be in the mood to get into trouble on day 101.

Source: Folha

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