With the last link in hand James Kafetzis left from Survivor.

The player having reached the final duel with Giorgos Papacharalambous with a score of 3-3 gave up his attempt just before he set the last goal and took the victory. Throughout the duel he seemed to be fighting his own internal battle between staying in the game and returning to his family.

James Kafetzis leaves Survivor:

He explained his decision by saying: “I thought I’d delay my departure a bit so I wouldn’t leave voluntarily because if there’s one thing my father has taught me, with all his adventures and travels, it’s how important travel is and how superior from material goods because you actually learn many more things. So Survivor is a big trip, a trip that few get to do so I thought it would be kind of selfish to leave two days early and not wait because that would result in another kid dropping out of the duel and missing a week. from this whole magical journey.”

THE James abandons the match:

Emotionally, he continued: “Although this time I went in and wanted to go all the way, unfortunately the circumstances did not allow me to. I’m sad about it but that’s life and family comes first. I wouldn’t put the money, the prize, or the experience above that.”

James also spoke about the relationship he developed with Alexis Pappa: “The truth is that with all the children we became a good company, there were no confrontations. Even with Alexis who was my “Nemesis” from the previous Survivor, it was completely different. We got closer and especially in the last week, when I myself asked Guleka to go and tell him exactly what has happened and give me his opinion. The truth is that everyone makes mistakes and it is the actions later that show what everyone believes, what they can give and what kind of person they are.”

Before leaving, he also made his prediction for the final, saying that the four will be: Stavroula, Giulekas, Fanis, Dalaka, clarifying that he would like one of the first two to be the winner.

“I take with me (outside the ring) the memories because this time I went in to have fun and I had a lot of fun. I never expected that in such a difficult game the moments of joy could be more than the moments of sadness, hardship, stress. This time I leave Survivor with a very sweet taste and I wish you all the best.” With these words he said goodbye to his teammates and left accompanied to the exit by Stavroula and Giorgos Giulekas.

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