‘A black guy can also reach the top’, says Davi


In an interview with Fantástico this Sunday (21), Davi Brito said that he feels “a representative of millions of young black people who suffer racism in Brazil”.

Recently arrived in Salvador, days after winning BBB 24, the driver spoke about winning the R$3 million prize, the public’s affection and the fight against racism.

“I’m black, I’m a young man who came from the outskirts of Salvador in the Cajazeiras neighborhood and making this turnaround makes me feel like I’m representing millions of black people. This is a message I want to pass on to all young black people who suffer racism in Brazil: a Negão can also reach the top. Fight, fight, go to the top and we can become doctors, doctors, lawyers”, said the champion.

This Sunday (21), Davi was welcomed with a party, show and an “out of season carnival”, as described by Fantástico, in the Cajazeiras neighborhood. Applauded by the public, he gave a speech on stage and even sang some songs.

Still in the Sunday interview, the champion was moved when he remembered his poor childhood with his mother. “I sold lemons, tomatoes, onions and peppers in the cart with my mother and today I can tell her that I’m going to become a doctor,” he said, who even received a stethoscope from fans when he landed at Salvador airport.

Regarding the troubled moment in his relationship with Mani, Davi gave a dubious answer. “I looked for her several times, called, sent a message. The fact that I said that we were getting to know each other is because a year of dating is still nothing,” she said.

“I first want to meet, date, and then get engaged and married, that’s what I want. I’d rather eat eggs and be at peace in my life than have a lot of money and have confusion and disturbance”, he added. “I want her with me, if she wants, but I also have to celebrate my victory.”

Source: Folha

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