Ana Hickmann and Edu Guedes became advertising darlings for Valentine’s Day


Gabriel Vaquer

In a relationship since the beginning of this year, presenters Ana Hickmann and Edu Guedes became the biggest target in the advertising market to star in Valentine’s Day campaigns in June.

O F5 found that the two received at least six joint proposals for commercials from companies that want to increase their sales during the period.

Ana and Edu have already attended events together, but are analyzing their first television commercial as a couple. Edu especially wants to help his partner get back on her feet financially.

One of the proposals they evaluate is from a perfume company. Another is from a food manufacturer, which is already a partner with Edu Guedes in his program.

The expectation is to have something finalized soon, especially since the material would need to be produced in May. In addition to television, the campaigns include both social networks.

When contacted by the report, Ana’s advisor confirmed that the Record presenter and her current partner received “many commercial proposals”. And she says the couple is analyzing it calmly.

Ana Hickmann and Edu Guedes have been together since January, but only started dating in March, months after a turbulent period in the former model’s life.

In November 2023, the presenter reported having suffered domestic violence from her ex-husband, Alexandre Correa. Both have been in a legal fight ever since to prove what happened.

Source: Folha

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