Amid rumors of dating Bruna Marquezine, João Guilherme says he is in love


João Guilherme, 22, is in love. He just didn’t say by whom.

In an interview with Steal The Look, the actor was asked about the last purchase he made and replied that it was a gift for his loved one.

“The last thing I bought wasn’t for me. I’ve been in love for a while, I just want to see my pussy well dressed. So, I bought a baby tee, from Maison Margiela, beautiful. Wow, I saw her trying it on there, She really became the sweetheart she is. Very good, I loved it. Now I buy gifts for other people, not just for myself”, he said.

On the web, fans of the supposed couple pointed out that the new owner of a Maison Margiela blouse is Bruna Marquezine, as the actress had published a story about a campaign for the brand last Monday (22).

“Bru, let us see the baby tee”, joked a user on X. “Excited to see Bru wearing it and confirm our fanfic”, wrote another fan.

Leonardo’s son has already been seen alongside Marquezine on a few recent occasions, which raised suspicions as to whether the two were together. On the last day of Lollapalooza, they enjoyed the singer Omar Apollo’s show side by side, in January they traveled with a group of friends to Fernando de Noronha and in the same month they were seen at Anitta’s show.

The duo, however, does not confirm that there is anything between them other than friendship.

Source: Folha

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