In a festive atmosphere and in the style of a one-day excursion, the legends of the world automotive industry return to Alimos for the fifth year on Sunday, May 26, carrying an entire history of aesthetics, technology and culture on four wheels.

Alimos Classic Car Sunday, which attracts over 25,000 spectators, this year unfolds with extra surprises, with the four-wheeled “beauties” lying lazily along the Alimos seafront promenade.

For starters, a distinguished piece of land, now known as “the grass” will host the most important cars, from historical pre-1920 to current supercars of the Ferrari and Lamborghini “tribes”.

The whole promenade, up to the amphitheater will be full of color and the “beauties” vary in size but are all equal in value.

Among Fiat 500 “trinkets”, military vehicles impose themselves with their volume and history, and the humble models of the 80’s coexist harmoniously with the huge American Cadillac “convertibles”.

The mayor of Alimos, Andreas Kondylis, who is always there and welcomes his citizens, as well as thousands of visitors, said:

This unique celebration of colors, sounds and above all people has now become an institution that both those who participate and the more and more spectators every year are eagerly waiting for. It is admirable how much changes in ACCS V, without changing its entertainment and cultural value. Equally admirable is the appearance, external and internal, of the legendary cars that their owners, with effort and expense, keep in almost factory condition.»

About what is changing this year at the famous and now popular event, Nikos Mastorakis, who created the hobby-passion of the historic car with his first “Antique Rally” in the 60’s, says:We are very happy for our cooperation with the mayor Andreas Kondylis and the worthy partners of the municipality of Alimos. We have created a 60’s fairy tale this year, starting with the music, with the naive, innocent, fun super hits of that era, and reaching the street food (burgers, hot dogs, donuts) that will be prepared in a… Volks Van . The visitor will find from Mojito to cappuccino and from popcorn to delicious ice creams. Very important again this year is the presence of PPC blue and the spectacular comparison of yesterday with today — and tomorrow — technologically “personified” by two classic “smalls”, BMW’s Izetta along with Fiat’s 500, alongside the their current, electric-powered… descendants. A bridge of the past that is leaving and the future that is here, the electric vehicle charger of PPC blue that gathers the interest of the visitors. We have free lotteries, with the lucky winner of the lottery getting the… Rolls Royce of the municipality, with chauffeur and lunch , for an unforgettable Sunday. But we also fulfill the wishes of thousands of visitors, with a Gift Shop for hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs and posters at prices… from another era!»

ACCS V hosts the best known, largest Clubs of the country (FILPA, SISPA, ORKA, ELKA, FIAT 500, SDIO) and for the first time participations from regional clubs.

As always, Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis from the collection of Paris Iliadis, which are now permanent residents of the event, will certainly catch the eye.

And with 12 cars, Ariantique is also present, which systematically invests in classic cars.

For fans of American muscle cars, the owners of these huge but so romantic Chevys, Cadillacs, Plymouths, Mustangs and the famous TV star Kit, an exact replica of the original, are at the disposal of selfie maniacs.


Entries started recently and are continuing, with over 100 cars already in attendance.

More than 200 classic bikes are expected, but the organizers have reserved a special place for 20 historic motorcycles of their Federation, also honoring the two-wheeled “beauties”!