Lara Silva, daughter of Faustão, gets engaged to Julinho Casares


Anahi Martinho

The couple Lara Silva and Julinho Casares decided to make their union official. The Record presenter and the singer, who is Faustão’s daughter, announced their engagement this Wednesday (5), on social media.

“A new cycle in our lives”, wrote the lovebirds in the publication. Lara and Julinho were congratulated by family and friends. In the photos, the singer showed off the diamond ring she received from her lover.

Julinho is the son of the president of São Paulo Futebol Clube, Julio Casares, and actress Mara Carvalho. Lara is Faustão’s daughter with the painter Magda Colares.

The marriage proposal was made on a trip to London, where the couple is spending a few days with the groom’s family.

Lara, 25, and Julinho, 28, have been together since 2020. Despite their famous families, the two have a discreet relationship.


In a recent interview with F5, João Guilherme, Faustão’s middle son, spoke about the presenter’s health, who underwent two transplants in a row, heart and kidney. According to João, his father’s treatment is progressing well.

“He’s doing well. I think we’re now at a time where things are evolving. He’s trying to get a grip on gymnastics,” said João, who admits that he takes after his father when it comes to fitness.

“I’m similar to him in that, we’re not very strong in gymnastics, no. But now he’s sticking with it, dedicated to it and it’s making a huge difference,” he added.

The presenter is also taking care of his diet with the team of nutritionists at Albert Einstein hospital, where he performed the transplants.

Source: Folha

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