Faculty confirms that Matteus Amaral circumvented the quota system by declaring himself black

Faculty confirms that Matteus Amaral circumvented the quota system by declaring himself black

Former BBB 24 and now digital influencer Matteus Amaral circumvented the quota system of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Farroupilha (IFFar). Confirmation has been sent to F5 by the institution itself.

According to the university, in 2014 student Matteus Amaral Vargas entered the bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering offered in conjunction with Unipampa. His registration was made in the vacancies reserved for black/brown candidates. This information is contained in Notice no. 046/2014, which is public and contains the results of the selection of this course that year.

“It is extremely important to be clear that, at that time, according to the 2012 Quota Law, the only document required to register for quotas was the candidate’s self-declaration. Just like in other federal educational institutions, there was no mechanism for verifying or proving the candidate’s statement”, says IFFar.

As there was no specific mechanism for checking fraud, there needed to be a complaint for the university to become aware of the case, initiate an administrative process and punish the student if necessary. But no charges were filed at the time.

The institution states that the national quota policy has been improved over time, and that today, one of the mechanisms implemented is hetero-identification, adopted by IFFar since the selections carried out in 2022 for entry in 2023. “Currently, each IFFar campus has a commission made up of three regular people and two substitutes that works in all student selection processes”, says another excerpt from the note.

When contacted, the former BBB did not comment until the publication of this text. However, last Thursday (13), amid accusations that he had declared himself black to obtain a position, he ended up unintentionally publishing a video in which his mother appeared in the background commenting on the case.

In the stories, which were subsequently deleted, Matteus posed with a baby sheep while his mother said, in the background: “I’ve heard that that doesn’t mean anything, if I declared myself black, I’m black.” The video was recovered by internet users and published on X.

In a 2014 document available on the Instituto Federal Farroupilha website, a student named Matteus Amaral Vargas, the same as the former BBB, appears enrolled in the Agricultural Engineering course in Alegrete. In the document, the student declares himself as “black”, as can be seen below.

The information about the course, the date and the institution matches the reports from Matteus himself, who says he left college in the fifth semester.

List of students on the Agricultural Engineering course in 2014 – reproduction

Source: Folha

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