It wasn’t a big deal, says Kate Winslet about kissing DiCaprio on the mouth in ‘Titanic’

It wasn’t a big deal, says Kate Winslet about kissing DiCaprio on the mouth in ‘Titanic’

Ah, that kiss… In one of the most striking scenes from “Titanic”, one of the Hollywood classics, Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson) kiss passionately on the ship, with the wind blowing through their hair . A beautiful and iconic passage, but for the actress, the heavy makeup they wore and their uncomfortable costumes really hindered the climax of the romance between the two.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she reviews and comments on excerpts from notable works from her career. Regarding “Titanic”, which premiered almost 30 years ago, the memories are curious. About the kiss, Winslet says: “I’m not surprised that every young woman in the world wanted to be kissed by Leonardo DiCaprio. But it wasn’t a big deal.”

At one point in the interview, she says that the scene was “a real nightmare” because it had to be redone several times. “Leo couldn’t stop laughing, and we had to do it over four times because [o diretor James Cameron] I wanted a very specific light for this, obviously, and the sun kept changing position.”

As for the makeup, having to touch it up several times also cut into any atmosphere that might have existed between the characters. “After every kiss]it was like I had sucked on a caramel chocolate bar because his makeup was stuck to me,” the actress continued.

She also recalled the “I’m flying” scene. After drawing attention to her uncomfortable costume (“I couldn’t even breathe wearing that corselet”), Winslet said that the location of that shot, specifically, was not part of the entire set of the scenographic ship.

“We had to climb a ladder to get there,” Winslet said. “[O pessoal responsável por] hair and makeup couldn’t come to us… Leo looks completely natural, but there’s a lot of fake tan makeup going on.” She speaks fondly about the film and says she had fun acting with her friend, despite all the “mess “. “We were laughing, covered in each other’s makeup.”

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