Rafa Kalimann responds to criticism for changing soap opera text: ‘Distorted narratives’

Rafa Kalimann responds to criticism for changing soap opera text: ‘Distorted narratives’

Rafa Kalimann stated that the news that he avoids saying the word “disgraced” in the recordings of “Família É Tudo” (Globo) is a way of creating narratives that distort the commitment he has to his work.

The influencer became a topic on social media when she said that she sometimes changes the text by Daniel Ortiz, author of the serial, and was criticized. “There are words that I cannot speak in my life. There are words [que quer dizer] graceless, the opposite of grace, a person who does not have God’s grace. I don’t like it, it’s too heavy,” she told the podcast What about you?

After the repercussion of the interview, she said that she was “too lazy” to clarify the matter, but wanted to make it clear to her followers so as not to distort the intention of the words and what the virality was about. “Just to avoid being misinterpreted, I will not allow my commitment to my work to be distorted.”

She then shared a video with actress Ana Hikari behind the scenes of the production, in which the actress says that Rafa is superstitious.

“It’s not superstition. There’s a word that I don’t say, I don’t like, for me it’s a sin to say that word. It’s in the text and, when I text with it, I change it to ‘blessed’. I change it, but at the time I say it. I’m going to say no, it keeps bringing bad things.”

In the plot, the influencer plays the villain Jéssica, who does everything to harm her former best friend Electra (Juliana Paiva).

She also posted another footage, in which she says she asked her colleague and actor Raphael Logam to knock three times on wood when he said “disgraceful”.

“Sometimes, when the scene ends and I say the word, I snap. That’s it, life has to be lighter. You problematize everything too, don’t you?”

Source: Folha

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