Vitória, from Anavitória, Pin Tiago Iorc and fans joke: ‘Indie War’


After the release of the single “Masculinidade”, by Tiago Iorc, 35, this Thursday (11), the singer Vitória Falcão, 26, from the duo Anavitória with Ana Caetano, 27, shared a meme in her Stories, interpreted by fans as a indirect to the former colleague.

“Don’t worry, women! I’ve painted my nails. I’m ready to destroy toxic masculinity,” says the image shared by Victoria, who has British singer Harry Styles, 27, at the center. “Oops, good morning,” wrote the artist as the publication’s caption.

On social networks, fans and internet users reflected the indirection and commented on the disagreement between the artists. “My God shocked by Victory, what’s the problem with these people wanting to hit James Iorc and stick Harry in the middle?”, asked a netizen.

“The worst song I’ve ever heard in my life was this one by Tiago Iorc, and the best reaction was Vitória Falcão making fun of him… how I love bullshit”, wrote another. “Victoria sending indirect to Tiago Iorc in the Stories…
We are living the indie cold war in Brazil”, joked a third.

“Having fun with what Vitória do Anavitória posted after Tiago Oorc released ‘Masculinidade’. A discreet but concrete richia”, wrote another. “Victoria posted indirect for Tiago Iorc. This ‘bullshit’ must have been ugly, it took it to the royal heart”, he pointed out.

In 2020, Iorc stopped producing the duo’s records and this resulted in an unease between the parties. After ending the partnership with businessman and actor Felipe Simas, with whom he had worked since 2010, he had created his own office to take care of all matters related to his career.

Thus, he also stopped producing Anavitória’s records, which continued to be managed by Simas. At the beginning of the duo’s career, the manager had invited the singer-songwriter to take care of their music production.

Professional disagreements between the parties were the reason alleged at the time for the termination of the relationship. Days after the closing, however, during a live festival, Ana Caetano made a vengeance by introducing the song “Trevo (Tu)”, which was part of the duo’s first album, released in 2016.

Without mentioning the name of Tiago Iorc, co-author of the track that, according to her, “opened many doors and was very special”, the singer said that the composer would be preventing them from re-recording the song for a project that the duo would launch.

Tiago Iorc received the hint and the next day he posted a video statement on his Instagram in response. The singer started joking about being canceled on Saturday, but soon changed the tone of speech.

Making it clear that he felt extremely uncomfortable about speaking out publicly on a matter he considered to be private, James said he understood the girls’ feelings and that he would probably feel the same way if he didn’t know what was going on behind it all.

“It’s evident that, in your thoughtless attitude of making it public, you really don’t know the half of the Mass,” he said. “The office that manages your career, which no longer works, has repeatedly sabotaged my work, acting in bad faith to harm me,” he said at the time.


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