Drake Loses Over R$1 Million When Betting On UFC Fighter Who Was Defeated


Imagine you losing more than R$ 1 million literally overnight. That’s what happened to Canadian rapper Drake, 35, who decided to enter a website and bet US$ 275,000, equivalent to R$ 1.3 million on a fighter. However, at the end of the fight, the contestant lost, and all the musician’s money went away.

According to TMZ, Drake put his fortune on making sure that the fighter Jorge Masvidal would get the better of the duel against Colby Covington in the main fight of the UFC on Saturday night (5).

The rapper posted a video on Instagram watching the fight and another on Twitter to indicate the moment of the bet. According to the site, if the fighter he chose won, Drake would pocket more than R$5 million.

However, the one who got the best was Colby who still scolded the singer. “Let’s talk about all the money Drake lost tonight. He needs to get back to selling these shit albums to get his money back. Drake, you suck at sports betting. Get back to your albums and raps,” he snapped.

But money never seems to have been an issue for Drake. In 2019, the Canadian rapper spent the equivalent of BRL 1.5 million on a cell phone case. The accessory was stuffed with 80 carats of diamonds. The information is from Complex magazine.

The diamonds were white and blue and the cover had an 18 carat white gold frame. The equipment also carried the figure of an owl, which is the logo of its brand.

According to the publication, the owner of the brand that produced the accessory said that as soon as a new model of the smartphone came out on the market, Drake immediately went to buy and order the jewelry to put even more value on the cell phone.

In November 2021, just a day after the tragedy that killed nine people trampled on at a music festival in Houston, Texas (USA), rapper Drake, who was at the event as a guest, held a night of festivities with his team at a strip club and would have spent around US$ 1 million (more than R$ 5 million).

The information is from the New York Post, which cites posts on social networks that have already been deleted. According to the publication, piles of money appeared scattered on the floor, while women took the notes and thanked the rapper. The club, called Area 29, even thanked Drake for his presence on his profile.

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