Kelly Clarkson will pay R$ 6.5 million and alimony to her ex after divorce


Singer Kelly Clarkson, 39, and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, 45, have finally ended their divorce proceedings. Under the agreement, she will pay him a compensation of US$ 1.3 million (about R$ 6.5 million), in addition to alimony.

The couple, who had been together since 2013, began the divorce process in July last year and had already had their divorced status accepted by the courts. Now, however, the agreement on custody of the children and division of assets has been closed.

According to People magazine, the singer has been determined to pay an amount of US$ 1.3 million (about R$ 6.5 million) in the form of compensation to her ex, in addition to a monthly pension of US$ 115,000. (R$ 575 thousand) for him until January 31, 2024.

As for the couple’s children, aged 7 and 5, Clarkson and Blackstock have agreed to share custody, and the singer will pay monthly alimony of US$ 45,601 (R$ 228,000). The couple was contacted by People, but did not respond.

The couple’s two Montana properties will stay with Clarkson, and Blackstock will pay her ex $2,000 a month while she lives on the ranch, which will now be hers alone.

The property division also includes the singer’s family pets, as well as three cars and a flight simulator, while Blackstock will keep cattle and horses, two cars, a golf simulator and a pair of Patek watches. Philippe.

Last year, after starting the divorce proceedings, a source close to Clarkson told People that “she is doing very well and looking forward to it, enjoying the fact that she has the kids most of the time and enjoying this time with them.” .

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