Eight types of blazers that we saw on Instagram and are ideal for any occasion


We all know very well that a blazer is a cornerstone of any wardrobe, the only cases that may just come second, are loafers or an It bag.

For the French, a blazer and jeans are an ideal combination, just as elegant as a “formal” outfit.

Although many of us turn to the most versatile blazers for everyday use, there is definitely room for experimentation as well as pieces that will last a lifetime in our closet.

The oversized

Tailored blazers are timeless, but the oversized trend in “boyfriend” style will not go away soon. Take, for example, “Boyfriend’s”, the blazer of the American brand Frankie Shop, which seems to look great on literally anything you wear.

The daily

While most blazers aim to add formality to an outfit, the lines of some blazers make them worn as everyday pieces that can be combined with anything. We loved this classic Iconic pinstripe.

The timeless

While a classic jacket may be the safest choice, a crossover is just as (if not more) timeless. This piece from WARDROBE.NYC would look great and just as elegant with a top, cropped jeans and a pair of clogs.

The ivory

While the temptation to choose a black, gray or navy blazer is always here, the white / ivory blazer is one of the most timeless trends. Although a little more prone to stains, this has never stopped any of us.

The subversive

Everything you need to make an outfit more interesting. Get inspired by an on-trend blue or warm pink, like the vibrant pieces of Jacquemus.

The wrap-waist

Buttons? Overpriced. Sometimes a blazer reminiscent of a robe is just as stylish and formal as a classic. Choose a classic color like black or beige and you do not need more thought.

The plaid

Having become everyone’s favorite style, from Diana to Kaya Gerber, the plaid blazer is one of the smartest investments you will ever make.

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