Tzitzikostas: Two new Hollywood movies are starting soon in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia in general are turning into a “Hollywood plate”, as the governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas announced two more Hollywood movies in the presentation of the driver exams with one click with the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Deputy Minister of Interior Stavros Kalafatis.

Thanking Mr. Pierrakakis for the incentives given by the ministry in order to achieve the goal set by the Region to become a hub for television and film producers, Mr. Tzitzikostas stressed that: “we are already in the third Hollywood film being shot in our area, we have two more to come in the very near future “.

“If the legal framework had not changed and from the previous government and if it had not been improved by you in the leadership of the ministry of digital government we could not even have it. The benefits are huge directly and indirectly in jobs, income for our region and the huge visibility that the Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia “pointed out Apostolos Tzitzikostas.

The Commerce Square in Ano Ladadika was recently converted into a movie set for the needs of the shooting of the movie “The Bricklayer” that started on Wednesday in the center of Thessaloniki. Protagonist o Aaron Eckhart (photo)

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