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The Knockouts continued this weekend with the viewers being at high levels for another week! Το The Voice of Greece by George Liano was first on TV on Saturday both in the general audience with a percentage of 22.5% and in the dynamic audience (18-54) with 16.4%. On Sunday it was a top choice in the preference of the viewers with a percentage of 19.2% in the general total and a percentage of 15.9% in the dynamic audience while 2,868,607 viewers watched it even for 1 minute.

THE Konstantinos Argyros, Panos Mouzourakis, Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas they often found themselves in a difficult position as they had to choose only one person from their team in each appearance even when everyone’s interpretations were shocking. THE Eleonora Zouganeli, Kostis Maravegias, Christos Dantis and Marina Satti they offered their valuable help as guest coaches.

Top moment was when Konstantinos Argyros and Eleonora Zouganeli took to the stage of The Voice of Greece performing two of their greatest hits in a duet. Sakis Rouvas could not resist the temptation and he also went on stage applauding the zeibekiko of Eleonora Zouganeli.

With the excellent performances of the contestants following each other the steal buttons were heard many times giving a second chance to some of them. On Saturday, Panos Mouzourakis stole the 1st Mario Theodorou from the team of Sakis Rouvas, revealing at the same time a personal story that connects them. George Giagidis from the team of Konstantinos Argyros became the apple of contention for Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas as both wanted to give him a second chance in their team with him choosing #teamSakis in the end.

Sunday had even more difficult moments for the coaches, making them often think that they might break the record of Panos Mouzourakis, who was 40 minutes old for a decision! Konna from the team of Sakis Rouvas was stolen by Panos Mouzourakis with its original coach praising him for his move! It was a rare moment when from the appearance of three contestants of Elena Paparizou, the steal was used twice by the other coaches, passing all the performers to the next phase! Konstantinos Argyros was the first to declare his intention to steal Amalia Pothitaki, but he froze when he heard the steal button of Sakis Rouvas, who finally asked for Fani Melemeni for his team.

After the completion of the first episode of Knockouts in the next phase of the Battles continue:

With his team Konstantinos Argyros: Dimitra Kalliara, Stavros Aktinis, Dimitris Kanakis, Nikos Aronis and Amalia Pothitaki.

With his team Panos Mouzourakis: Christina Bagndasaridou, Marios Theodorou, Giannis Pavlopoulos, Dimitris Melidis, Evi Koulkouvini and Konna.

With her team Elenas Paparizou: Aris Kolovos, Melissa Williams, Christina Barzouka and George Pattas.

With his team Saki Rouva: Christian Triantafyllou, Andreas Miliotis, George Giagidis, Maiko Kallo, Noutsa Kourtsidze and Fani Melemeni.

The surprises in The Voice of Greece Knockouts continue next weekend!






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