Seven popular anti-aging myths that are simply myths


Some youthful beauty standards, some over-filtered images in ads and social media, beauty still equates to youthful appearance. Thus, the concept of anti-aging comes to the fore.

At the same time, anti-aging, as much as it is coveted by some, is by definition an unattainable goal. Because, as you know, we all get older. However, as natural and normal as the aging process is, it does not have a common face in everyone.

So, we end up looking for that miraculous product or magic cure that will eliminate its signs. Or, at least, will delay their appearance as much as possible.

In this context, although we can not stop the aging process, we can, to some extent, reduce its signs. Factors such as genes, lifestyle, diet, exercise and daily care routine have a direct impact on how the signs of time will appear on our skin.

But there are countless myths surrounding anti-aging. So, here are some of the most well-known anti-aging myths, which are just that – myths.

Nutrition does not contribute to skin aging

We often see food as a matter of taste rather than nutritional value. But that needs to change. Not only diet but also the appearance of our skin affects our daily lives.

In fact, studies have shown that foods high in glycemic index, such as white bread, potatoes and pasta, are converted to sugar in the bloodstream, leading to the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). The AGEs then reduce the elasticity of collagen and elastin, causing the skin to relax while making it more sensitive to sun damage.

Retinol is essential in a good anti-aging routine

It is a fact that retinol is the gold standard for topical anti-aging care products. But it is not enough on its own. Specifically, if the sunscreen is missing from our daily treatment, the results will be far from desirable. In fact, the lack of daily sunscreen does more harm to the skin, even if you use retinol every night.

You only need sunscreen if you are in the sun

Even on cold and cloudy days, the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate and damage the skin. For this reason, it is best to apply sunscreen after waking up – regardless of the weather. See it as the last step in your daily care, before makeup. On the contrary, if you expect to apply it as soon as you are outdoors, it will be too late, since your skin has already been exposed to the sun.

Anti-aging products can eliminate the signs of aging

As great as it sounds, in fact, there is no product that can eliminate the signs of aging. There are, however, some ingredients, such as retinol, that can minimize their appearance. At the same time, there are specific treatments in the clinic, such as laser and microneedling, to reduce deeper wrinkles.

In particular, these treatments can reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, they improve the texture and softness of the skin, improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Expensive anti-aging products are more effective

Just because a product is expensive does not mean that it will work better than cheaper products. Although we often find that the more expensive products on the market work better, many cheaper alternatives can offer great results. It all depends on the ingredients of the product. Therefore, it is important to first determine your needs and based on these to choose the right products for you.

Chemical peels will damage your skin

Indeed, if done incorrectly, chemical peels can have an irritating and irritating effect. But when done right, they can be quite beneficial. There is also a variety of chemical peels that can be used depending on the skin color, texture and age of the patient, which must be done by a certified and experienced dermatologist. Therefore, start with a visit to your dermatologist, to advise you on the most suitable treatments for your skin.

Botox will make your face look “frozen”

If you read the above phrase and it crosses your mind a multitude of images from celebrities with exactly this result, you know what we are referring to. But the reality is different. While excessive Botox may create an “icy” appearance on the skin, it is not necessarily so. Properly performed by an experienced specialist, neurotoxin injections will create a fresher but not icy appearance on the skin. The result will look quite natural, as if you are just relaxing. That is why it is crucial to choose an experienced doctor who will give you the result you want.

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