The five make up trends of spring


For you who want to dare and get away from the basics (foundation, lips, mascara) but also for you who are looking for tips for easy and impressive make up, there is the answer to the trends of this spring.

Is it time to adopt all the makeup trends that starred on the famous catwalks? If you are looking for a makeup look that will reflect the excitement caused by the sun, the blooming flowers and the rise in temperature, we present you with five top options.

1. Glossy textures

The glossy trend started with the Giambattista Valli models, which had the most glossy and impressive lips. Then, at the Anna Sui fashion show, we saw shiny eye looks in many shades.

It seems that the glossy textures will be the pasparto trend for you who like to experiment and you are looking to look fresh, shiny and in fashion. Dare this look in clear or intense shades like coral or deep shades of raspberry. If you dream of cocktail nights from now on, it is the ideal makeup to accompany you.

2. Eyeliner with color

Black eyeliner may be the relationship to which you have promised eternal faith and love, but now is the time to “cheat” it. Our prayers for fun were heard by the beauty community, which made the colored eyeliner the absolute trend of the season.

Bright and vibrant colors caught our attention at the Bibhu Mohapatra fashion show. The most fun part is the possibility for a color blocking or double eyeliner. Highlight the inner corner with a light color and the outer one with a more intense one or put two different shades on top of each other? Here’s the dilemma…

3. Intense blush

The contra bronzer vs blush, this year seems to have a winner. Blush has become the absolute dominator for this spring, through the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses, such as Fendi and Carolina Herrera. An intense blush makes a perfect match with intense eyes. An intense blush offers a look of health, freshness and this little sunburn that we like this season.

Choose a peach shade and dare to place it on your cheekbones and eyelids. Extra tip: With a thin brush, place some of the shade of your blush parallel to the line of your eyeliner. It will lift the look and you will have a warmer makeup. An intense blush is definitely what you need, so do not think too much… go for it!

4. Peachy shades

Could we welcome spring without even putting on a peach shade or a blush? Sacrilege. It is one of the warmest shades that refers to heat, sun, summer, blooming flowers. Highlights white and dark skin beautifully. Let’s welcome spring by putting a peach lip gloss, peachy shadow, a blush in our handbag. It is no coincidence that we already see it everywhere.

5. More care less foundation

We mentioned the trends for the eyes, the cheekbones, the lips and now the foundation has its honor, commonly our base. It’s time to leave the heavy and full coverage foundation you have in your possession. Focus on the deepest care of your skin by doing good cleansing, exfoliation and frequent moisturizing masks.

This spring you are expected to discover many beauty treatments for your face, such as the magic product called vitamin C. Of course, you do not need to give up the foundation, just reduce the amount you use or try one with a lighter texture. A nice and hydrated base will be the best canvas to highlight all the above trends we mentioned.

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