Arthur Picoli manifests after Pabllo Vittar exposes exchange of messages

Arthur Picoli manifests after Pabllo Vittar exposes exchange of messages

Arthur Picoli (BBB 21) used social media to deny that he would be interested in being with Pabllo Vittar. That’s because netizens were in an uproar after the singer exposed that she usually exchanges private messages with the ex-BBB.

It all started on Sunday (10), when Pabllo participated in MTVixe. At the time, presenter Ingrid Ohara asked if she would stay with comedian Esse Menino, Gil do Vigor and Arthur. The singer said that she would keep two of them.

“This boy is very cute and I’m going to pass because he’s a very good friend of mine”, he said. “I’d stay with Gil, he’s very handsome, a very beautiful gay. Arthur is just hanging out in my Instagram inbox. I’m not going to lie, I really do. So Arthur, I’m going to say it here: if you want to catch me, come with everything, because I don’t care. I really want to.”

That’s all it took for the internet to go crazy and start shipping the two, with some people even speculating if they hadn’t already stayed. That’s when Arthur decided to speak up. “Imagine if I dated everyone who hangs out on gossip sites?” he said. “If I date everyone I kiss?”

“It’s not the first time this kind of comment has come out, it’s not my fault I treat everyone well,” he said. “That’s my way of playing. Just like I know when girls are nice it doesn’t mean they’re slacking off and wanting to get to me.”

“I’m like that with everyone, with my friends I always make this kind of joke”, he assured. “I’m not justifying myself, even because Pabllo Vittar is hot as fuck, but that doesn’t mean I would take it.”

Some netizens rescued scenes of him on BBB 21 talking about the singer. “Pabllo is hot, huh?”, he commented after she appeared on the show. “The size of the legs, old man, that big? What about the ass?”

“I talked about it inside the house, it’s no secret to anyone”, minimized the former BBB. “Now, there’s something very far away, an abyss, I praise and get the person, want something with the person. So, stop the show. Stop fooling around, people. Stop listening to the hater.”

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