The Farm 13: Aline tells Rico that Dayane tore his jacket


Aline Mineiro fulfilled in the early hours of this Friday (19) the promise made to tell Rico Melquiades that Dayane Mello tore his jacket with a knife if he returned from the fields. The moment was long awaited by fans of the rural reality of Record and the presenter Adriana Galisteu, who was eager to see the reaction of the pawn.

Contrary to all expectations of a shack, Rico didn’t make a fuss and didn’t fight with the girl. “This jacket was expensive, it cost R$ 499”, he said. But the other pawns disapproved of Dayane’s attitude, including MC Gui and Dynho Alves, his allies in the game.

Sthe was one of the people who showed the greatest irritation with the model’s attitude. Aline had already told her what Dayane had done to Rico’s jacket and asked, if she was eliminated from the competition, to tell the pawn everything. “Thing for people with bad hearts,” Sthe said irritably.

Sthe recalled that Dayane criticized Vitor Pecoraro for throwing yogurt at Rico. “She said it was inhumane for Vitor to throw yogurt at Rico, but that’s not inhumane. I don’t want to be around [da Dayane] and from no one who is close to her,” said Sthe.

Mileide took Rico to the bedroom and helped him put his torn jacket into a bag. “You won’t say anything, isolate”, advised the girl. She told Rico and other pedestrians that people are not manipulable and that they align themselves with whoever they identify with, referring to MC Gui, Gui Araújo and Dynho. “We’re adults, everyone knows what they’re doing. You’re going to have a shock in your foot, be ashamed.”, said the girl.

Bil told Rico that he already knew Dayane had ripped his jacket, but he didn’t tell him not to mention he gossips. He warned the pawn that this is part of the model’s game and defended Valentina saying she tried to hold back. “Want to play dirty, play, but take a knife and do it,” said the pawn.

Solange told the pedestrians that she was afraid to sleep with Dayane in the house because “a person who takes a knife”.

MC Gui told Dayane that he doesn’t agree with her attitude of tearing someone else’s clothes and that she is already “big” to do that. “[Rasgar roupa] he’s shooting himself in the foot,” the singer said. Dayane replied, “I’d do a lot worse if production didn’t stop me.”

Dayane told the singer and Dynho Alves that he knows it was wrong to rip Rico’s jacket, but claimed he called her a racist and was willing to break everything. MC Gui replied: “Racism you solve in court, but this [rasgar a jaqueta] no, you totally lost your reason.”

At dawn, Dayane was talking to Rico in the pantry. She said she doesn’t want to talk to Solange and Aline anymore, and the pawn replied, “Whoever says what he wants, listens to what he doesn’t want.” She also apologized to the pawn for the offenses, humiliations and gave him a hug.


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